Sites We Like: Art of the

We at Cineleet really appreciate a good title sequence, as can be seen in our showcase of designer Saul Bass. A truly effective title sequence should act as a microcosm of the film, delivering all the basic themes in a matter of a couple of minutes, and mentally preparing the audience for what lies ahead. So imagine our delight when we stumbled across Art of the

Art of the Title is a film blog solely dedicated to terrific title sequences, in a simple, yet well-designed fashion, with still frames to each sequence presented in a matrix that illustrates their progression. They currently have profiles on about 50 movie title sequences and nearly 20 TV title sequences. I have no idea who runs the site or any additional background, but the site owner’s passion for good title sequences is apparent. I’m going to add it to my bookmarks, and if you like titles as I do, I hope you will as well.

I leave you with Danny Yount’s opening titles to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) which I discovered on this site.

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