Five Films about Australia better than ‘Australia’

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This is a guest post written by Greg Davies. Greg is known in social media circles as cGt2099, and runs the sites The-TrukstoP.com and WallabyDown.com. We’ve previously featured his inestimable talents on the post: Before the Galaxy Far, Far Away: Influences on ‘Star Wars’ One of the most expected movies of 2008, Baz Luhrmann’s Australia, […]


Westerns for Guys Who Don’t Like Westerns

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Yeah, I’ll admit it. I hate westerns. Oh, there are a small handful I truly enjoy, classics like John Ford’s The Searchers or revisionist Westerns like Unforgiven, but in general it’s hard for me to get enthused about dusty plains, cowboy hats and country music. But what if we consider the Western genre as one […]