Seven of Cinema’s Worst Medical Caretakers

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Nurse Jackie, Hunter “Patch” Adams, and the list goes on. Movies are filled with stories of great medical caretakers, but with all great caretakers come terrible ones. Below you’ll find cinema’s worst medical caretakers. Dr. Evil from the “Austin Powers” Series Who could consider “worst medical caretakers” without thinking of Dr. Evil? He clone side-kick, […]

Acting Against Type

When Not Going ‘Full Retard’ Paid Off: Ten Critically Acclaimed Depictions of Mentally Challenged Characters

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The 2008 comedy Tropic Thunder highlights an inconvenient Hollywood truth: Oscar loves mental disabilities. In the film, Ben Stiller’s action hero character, Tugg Speedman, wishing to expand beyond his stereotype, attempts to court Oscar sympathies by playing a mentally challenged farmhand. It ends up being a critical failure. This is because, as Tugg’s co-star Robert […]